6 weeks in Paradise… Memoirs of a SEA Centre Divemaster

Mantas, a huge diversity of soft and hard corals. Wobbegongs, turtles, sharks and rays. Nudibranchs in more colors and shapes then you could imagine.  Octopus, dolphins, scorpionfish, lobsters, walking sharks, clams, crabs, huge schools of fish…. it’s a snapshot of the marine life I can spot and observe every single day in beautiful Raja Ampat. It‘s a paradise of biological diversity and a cradle of life!

For the past 6 weeks, I have been completing my Divemaster Internship with Raja Ampat SEA Centre, at Papua Explorers Resort.  I have the honor to work within an amazing team at SEA Centre, and in addition to my divemaster training, I am spending time on community and conservation projects. Every day is full of surprises, interesting tasks and experiences!

Two years ago Arno and his team started Yaf Keru (which means “Coral Garden” in the local papuan language), a coral restoration project, at the house reef of Papua Explorers. It is amazing to snorkel or dive through this lively coral garden. The different corals are already quite big and give shelter for fish or act as cleaning stations. It is wonderful to see that out of a rubble slope a coral reef can be restored and the beauty of life return. Yaf Keru has expanded over time with the help of resort guests and local “coral gardeners”, who transplant coral fragments on further rubble slopes.

If you are thinking about it… convince yourself and come by and have a look, or even get your own hands-on science experience by transplanting corals. I can tell you it is definitely an amazing experience and a great contribution to the most extraordinary nature of Raja Ampat!

6 weeks in Paradise… a few snaps

I’ve been diving, taking scuba reviews with the local team (to test my skills and brush up their’s!), climbed to the iconic lookout in Wayag, seen the famous regional mantas, surveyed everyone from local community members to tourists regarding conservation and reef restoration…