Our Partners

Raja Ampat Sea Centre is proud to work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders, all of whom share the common goal of marine conservation within the Raja Ampat region.  It is only with this support, and through these relationships that we are able to achieve our mission and our goals, and we have immense gratitude to everyone for their support along the way.

Thank-you to our ever growing list of of partners and stakeholders, we look forward to continuing our work with you in conserving Raja Ampat through Science, Education and Awareness.

The Marine Megafauna Foundation serves to research, protect and conserve the large populations of marine megafauna around the world. Papua Explorers and Raja Ampat SEA Centre work with researchers Stephanie Venables and Rob Perryman who are completing PhD research into manta ray populations in Raja Ampat and spend 6-8 months based at the resort.

For 12 years, Conservation International (CI) has been working in the Raja Ampat region; implementing one of the world’s most ambitious community-based conservation programs, and putting in place 12 marine protected areas (MPAs) covering more than 3.6 million hectares (8.89 million acres) of Raja Ampat. These MPAs employ local people to survey and protect coasts, reefs and fish, empowering communities to protect and sustainably manage their resources and their livelihoods.

In partnership with Child Aid Papua, each Sunday the children of Yenwaupnor village join us at Raja Ampat SEA Centre for a day of learning, exploring and fun. Our collaborative goal is to increase these children’s environmental awareness and understanding, in order for them to make a clear connection between themselves, the natural world around them, and the future of their local communities.

Birds Head Seascape is a resource rich website dedicated to sustainable tourism within the BHS region. Visitors can find up to date details about the region and its people, as well as the exciting scientific research happening throughout the BHS, and posts from conservationists working to discover and conserve the BHS’s treasure trove of biodiversity. The founders of this site have spent more than a decade exploring the most remote underwater regions of the BHS, and are passionate advocates for sustainable tourism and development in the region.


Ocean First Education courses provide dynamic, interactive experiences, engaging content on relevant issues, and connections to our everyday live. Dive in and learn more about our oceans and seas with Ocean First Education.

Photographic Contributions

We would also like to thank the following people for their photographic contributions to our website: Tunc Yavuzdogan, Calvin Tang, Itaru Fujita, Timon Bogumil, Armin Trutnau, Cenk Ceylanoglou, David & Melanie Benz, Rob Perryman, Stephanie Venables, Janneman Conradie.  Thankyou for helping tell our story through your images!