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Coral Explorers 2020

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Coral Explorers 2020

Back by popular demand, Coral Explorers returns and expands with three very special programs:

Coral Explorers Komodo 3-10,May 2020 and 12-19, May 2020

Coral Explorers Raja Ampat 24-31,May 2020

From May 3rd to May 31st, Papua Explorers Eco Resort and Coralia will host Coral Explorers where participants will be led through a series of presentations and workshops by world leading coral experts, and have hands-on involvement in community based conservation projects.

Coral Explorers is a very different kind of dive experience – it’s a week where you can explore the world’s richest reefs and have them explained to you by world-famous coral reef science communicator Russell Kelley and a marine park manager Rachel Pears. This is experiential diving done right  – or edutainment – interesting information and innovative interpretation presented in a low key ‘ask-me-anything’ style – all set to a non-stop program of world class diving.

Program highlights include, but are not limited to ;

Coral Reef Ecology: a.k.a. Why corals are amazing? How do reefs “work” and why are they so important?

The Origins of Raja Ampat/Komodo: Where did Raja Ampat/ Komodo come from, how did it get there and where is it going?

Why are there so many species? Discover why Raja Ampat is the world’s epicentre of biodiversity and why Komodo follows it.

Coral Threats:  Learn about the global and local threats to coral reef health including Crown of Thorns Starfish. In the Raja Ampat program, you can join a CoTs mission and contribute to the conservation efforts of Papua Explorers SEA Centre.

What is THAT Thing? Learn to identify anything from fish to tentacles, to shapes and holes, without being a marine biologist using Russell’s recipes for easy ID. You’ll be surprised how with a few simple visual tips, you can put any beastie in a group.

Sex on the reef: Secret cycles of reef creatures and how to be in the right place to see them.

Plant your own coral (Raja Ampat only) Take part in a hands-on reef restoration, plant your very own coral and contribute to a wider restoration effort.

PLUS a range of other activities and dives that will enhance your understanding, fascination and appreciation of the world’s coral reefs and the life it supports.

By participating in this program, in addition to hands on involvement, you will also be supporting conservation work in Raja Ampat. Papua Explorers SEA Centre is a local foundation that actively works on coral reef restoration and education of locals and training them to be job-ready for the growing tourism industry in the area. All proceeds of Coral Explorers Program go to Papua Explorers SEA Centre and makes your diving mean something more.

Program cost includes Reef Finder and participation in the whole program.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about Coral Explorers 2020, or contact to book.

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