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Yayasan Raja Ampat SEA Centre

Raja Ampat SEA Centre is a conservation initiative established by Papua Explorers Resort. Based on Pinsilim Bay of Gam Island, we are dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat’s marine life through Science, Education & Awareness.  Working with international collaborators and local community members, SEA Centre serves as a platform to conduct valuable monitoring and ecological assessment of local marine ecology and environment, and support sustainable community development.

At a local level, our aim is to educate and empower both current and future generations to understand and preserve the extensive reef systems within the Raja Ampat region, upon which community livelihoods depend and are intrinsically linked.   On a broader scale, we aim to connect national and international communities with the incredible marine life in Raja Ampat; the most marine biodiverse place on earth. Through hands on involvement, formal and informal education we hope that each and every person we touch goes forward to be an ambassador for the pristine, unique and irreplaceable reefs of Raja Ampat.

Our projects are funded by Papua Explorers and Coralia Liveaboard as well as their generous guests.