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Coralia Coral Pledge

Diving into a new mission of coral restoration

Embarking on a journey in marine conservation, we proudly introduce a new initiative in collaboration with our sister liveaboard Coralia. Starting from January 1, 2024, the Coralia Coral Pledge stands for a significant commitment: for every guest welcomed aboard Coralia. We are pledging to plant one coral in the heart of Raja Ampat’s stunning underwater ecosystem.

This partnership brings together efforts in coral restoration with eco-conscious tourism. Coralia guests become participants in the vital mission to rejuvenate and preserve the precious coral reef in front of Papua Explorers. Through careful planting and monitoring, we aim to create thriving, resilient habitats for countless marine species, ensuring the continued health of these invaluable ecosystems.
With the Coralia Coral Pledge, Raja Ampat SEA Centre and Coralia are investing in the future of our oceans. Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates on this exciting project!

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