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About us

Papua Explorers Foundation SEA Centre is a community-based conservation initiative by Papua Explorers Eco Resort. SEA is for science, education, and awareness and it summarizes what we’re trying to do at Papua Explorers Foundation.
We support scientific research by hosting and collaborating with institutions, researchers and other NGOs as well as conducting our own monitoring programs.
Our educational programs are designed for the local population who are the real owners of the beautiful reefs of Raja Ampat.
We create sustainable tourism jobs for the locals as coral gardeners, rangers and train them as dive guides in our Papuan Dive School.
Our educational program with the school aged kids of our neighbor village includes lessons about conservation, marine life and we organize regular field trips which are snorkel sessions or beach visits that focus on certain subjects.
At the moment, the tourism jobs in Raja Ampat are dominantly taken by qualified people from other parts of Indonesia, and growing tourism industry doesn’t improve the livelihoods of the locals, instead use their resources, pollute their environment, reduce their fish stocks and degrade their reefs. We aim to train the locals of Raja Ampat as qualified employees for the growing tourism industry with a sustainability perspective so they have an alternative to just fishing for the tourists and they can protect their reefs for a sustainable future for their children.
Education is also extended to our guests through our citizen science programs and regular presentations as well as Coral Explorers. We aim to raise and spread awareness with all these efforts.