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SEA Centre 4 Kids

Kids are the future; we are merely stewards of their heritage.

SEA Centre is dedicated to supporting the children of Raja Ampat, with a special focus on our neighboring village, Yenwapnour, through education and awareness initiatives. Our aim is to instill environmental consciousness while also providing academic support for those who may be falling behind.

Every Sunday, the children participate in environmental classes at the SEA Centre, where they learn about marine life and how to safeguard it. To apply this knowledge, we also conduct snorkeling lessons, allowing them to explore coral reefs and connect with their environment.

In addition, we offer tutoring sessions directly in the village, concentrating on literacy and numeracy skills essential for their ongoing education. During these sessions, children receive individualized support for writing, reading, and counting—fundamental skills that broaden their future opportunities.

Our program emphasizes the involvement of teachers and parents in the education process, fostering a supportive environment for the children’s learning and development.

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