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Papua Explorers

Papua Explorers Resort is located in the heart of Raja Ampat, on the northwest tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula of West Papua, and is home to Raja Ampat SEA Centre.

Constructed using traditional Papuan construction methods and local, natural materials, 15 water bungalows have been designed to be in perfect harmony with the natural environment. The entire team at the resort is committed to the highest standard of guest services, an exceptional diving experience, and are dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourism in the area.

Simply by staying at the resort you are able to contribute to Raja Ampat SEA Centre projects; as a citizen scientist whilst you dive, you can records your shark sightings or contribute with manta ray ID photos to our Marine Megafauna scientists, you may even be able to participate in a Yaf Keru coral transplantation or reef monitoring dive!

It is our aim that every guest that stays at Papua Explorers resort learns a little more about the precious marine environment here in Raja Ampat, and becomes an ambassador for healthy oceans and healthy the world over.