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Our Coral Garden

Raja Ampat is one of the last strongholds on Earth where coral reef systems still thrive. This archipelago shelters an incredible abundance of life, and forms what is currently thought to be the most biodiverse marine system on the planet. These stunning reefs provide a rich and sustainable food source to local communities in small villages throughout the archipelago. These reefs also support a healthy tourism economy providing livelihoods to significant portion of the community. Yet sadly, numerous reefs were destroyed by destructive fishing practices in the 80s & 90s, and to this day, they have not yet recovered. Additionally, the current rapid expansion of tourism in the region brings with it new impacts upon the marine environment.

SEA Centre’s strategy for ensuring the sustainable conservation of Raja Ampat is to empower the local population by providing them with training on coral reef ecology. We aim to emphasize the crucial role of these ecosystems in supporting their livelihoods and highlight the importance of maintaining their health.In addition to protecting and enriching our housereef, our Coral Garden is a playground for our SEA Centre 4 Kids activities, as well as a training field for our dive school students and our guests.

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